1. Content Governance

Halo prioritizes a safe and informative social environment for its users. This is achieved through a robust content governance system that empowers the community to participate in shaping the platform's content.

We won't fully rely on the algorithm to recommend content to users like most of the Web2 platforms. Halo prefers a hybrid strategy. Content governance refers to the set of rules and processes that define how content is created, reviewed, and moderated within the Halo ecosystem. This system ensures high-quality and trustworthy information is readily available for all users.

  • Composition of Content

  • The content governance system applies to all kinds of user-generated content within the Halo ecosystem and consists of three parts. The first and second parts are mainly related to providing users with accurate content recommendations. The third part is used to improve the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the data.

    • Social Posts & Comments: This encompasses posts, reposts, and comments shared by users.

    • Transaction Analysis Labels: These labels categorize user activities like swaps, deposits, and smart contract interactions, aiding in transaction analysis and visualization.

    • Address Labels:These labels are used to accurately display addresses with distinctive characteristics to users, such as Smart Money, Whale, Influencer, etc. Address governance will also include the review and certification required when users apply for relevant labels.

  • Governance Roles

  • Halo leverages a tiered system based on the level of Halo Membership Pass. Higher levels grant access to more complex governance processes.

    • Creator: Create content or initial transaction

    • Editor: Discover and nominate high-quality content

    • Voter: Vote for Posts nominated by Editors

    • Reporter: Report harmful content includes but is not limited to: hate speech, violent content, pornographic content, spam, false information, etc.

    • Review Committee: The review committee is mainly responsible for reviewing and issuing results on transaction analysis labels, address labels, content reports, etc. In the short term, the members of the committee will mainly be from the Halo team with relevant positions and experts in relevant fields in the Halo community.

The roles and responsibilities will be adjusted based on actual operational needs.

  • Governance Process

    • High-Quality Content Discovery:

      • The Editor Program establishes guidelines for identifying high-quality content.

      • Users nominate and vote on posts based on these guidelines.

      • Content creators and active participants in the voting process receive rewards as specified in the Editor Program.

    • Content Moderation & Reporting:

      • Users can report content they believe violates community guidelines.

      • The community votes on reported content.

      • Content deemed inappropriate will have reduced exposure or be hidden, and repeat offenders may face financial penalties (such as Halo XP deductions) or membership level demotion.

    • Label Management (Including Transaction & Address Labels):

      • Users with the appropriate DID level will be able to suggest adjustments to transaction analysis labels (e.g., add missing labels, correct errors).

      • Adjustments approved by the review committee (or governance nodes in the future) will be adopted.

  • Reward Distribution

  • By actively participating in governance, users contribute to a positive social environment while receiving rewards for their efforts.The rewards at this stage include XP and membership level improvement. These two key elements will determine the participants’ Token airdrop share in each season.

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