3. Ecosystem Governence

Ecosystem Governence empowers the community to actively participate in shaping the future of the Halo platform. Through a transparent and collaborative governance process, Halo token holders collectively make crucial decisions regarding ecosystem development, financial management, and strategic direction. Governance applications will begin after TGE and will only be open to users holding L6 Halo Membership Pass. Your governance weight will depend on how many tokens you stake and how long you stake them.

  • Key Governance Matters

  • A variety of proposals impacting the platform's development and operation are included:

    • Community Leadership: Appointment and removal of community DAO council members.

    • Financial Management: Approval of annual and quarterly financial budgets and expenditures for the Halo community fund.

    • Strategic Direction: Decisions regarding the strategic positioning of Halo products.

    • Profit Sharing Governance: Adjustments to existing incentives and penalties rules in the content governance process.

Halo Governance Committee follows a structured process for proposal creation, voting, and implementation. Specific rules will be released after TGE.

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