2. Corpus Governance

Leveraging AI data labeling on Halo is also on our roadmap. With the power of the community, we will be able to provide businesses with high-quality labeled data and secure AI corpus services. At the same time, the economic value generated by providing corresponding services will also benefit participating users through tokenomics.

  • Data Labeling Process

    • Data Collection: Halo identifies data sets requiring annotation, such as social media posts, transaction records, and removes user privacy data.

    • Task Allocation: Users with varying Membership Pass levels participate in data labeling tasks based on their expertise and interests.

    • Quality Assurance: A multi-labeled review process ensures the accuracy and consistency of labeled data.

In the early stages, the AI data review committee oversees the data labeling process and ensures compliance with ethical standards. And the reward will be allocated in the same way as content governance.It's an innovation for both us and the industry. More details are expected to be added here later in Q3 2024.

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