Halo Overview

Halo is dedicated to establishing a monetization layer within the SocialFi field and creating a new paradigm for fair allocation of personal social influence value. Built upon existing technology infrastructure, Halo ensures there is no monopoly or exploitation involved. Additionally, we will introduce decentralized governance from the Halo community to ensure all participating parties receive a reasonable share of the overall commercial revenue.

Every individual inherently holds economic value. Halo, like other Web2 giants, has the capacity to monetize values associated with advertisements, but does so under the free will of users and protects their individual privacy through blockchain technology. Beyond the value of advertisements, there exists a more significant avenue for monetization: data value.

With the rapid development of the AI industry, AI is poised to gradually replace human labor. Since the goal of AI is to serve human beings better in the long term, AI companies are consistently training their AI systems to gain a better understanding of their target clients. The AI should be capable of discerning trending topics and providing services tailored to individuals from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds.

Halo can provide competitive AI corpus to AI companies by utilizing the vast social content within Halo ecosystem. Compared with Scale AI or Reddit, Halo possesses complete copyright and user consent. Furthermore, revenue generated will be equitably distributed among all data contributors, fostering a mutually beneficial environment.

This is Halo!

To realize this social monetization layer, we have meticulously crafted a comprehensive design encompassing decentralized governance product stacks and tokenomics. The subsequent chapters will provide an in-depth introduction to these aspects.

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