1. Composition of social value

From a social ecosystem perspective, here is the formula of how to calculate social influence value: Social Value = Endorsement Value + Advertising Value + Data Value

Both "Endorsement Value" and "Advertising Value" are associated with advertising, while "Data Value" is monetized through AI corpus services.

  • Endorsement Value

Endorsement value originates from users’ activities and influence on social platforms. When users interact with specific tokens or DApps, or initiate positive discussions about certain tokens or DApps, their actions are considered endorsement of these projects. This endorsement not only promotes the project within the Halo ecosystem but also brings potential followers and users. To the project. The greater the social influence, the higher the commercial value of personal endorsement.

  • Advertising Value

Any real user has the potential to be a target user for some specific project. If the user consents to receive ads tailored to their investment preference, the advertiser should compensate for this promotional service. This represents the most prevalent advertising business model, and it is also the primary avenue through which Web2 social giants extract substantial profits from users.

  • Data Value

As long as you're a potential client for an AI company, the data that you leave on the Internet deserves to be learned by AI to provide better services to a similar group of clients. With the promotion of ChatGPT, the fervor for AI technology is rapidly spreading worldwide. As AI becomes more widespread, services catering to specific verticals and target audiences become increasingly specialized. Consequently, social data gains greater value in this evolving landscape.

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