Promotion Platform

Promotion Platform completes the registration, placement and after-sales process of ads through a set of smart contracts.

First, advertisers need to complete registration in the Halo Promotion Platform contract, which can be submitted by any entity. The eligibility of advertisers will be reviewed through a community governance process at an early stage. In the future, we will decide whether to waive the review process based on actual development.

After registration, advertisers can serve ads and set relevant parameters, including AD type, reward method, AD content, etc. Advertisers need to stake a certain number of Halo tokens and complete the ads serving in the contract.

Users can view the ads through the Halo App, and some of the ads may require a certain level of Halo DID or medal. Different levels of users may receive different rewards for viewing ads. At the same time, users can also report if there is any fraud in the ads.

Ads reported as fraudulent will be voted on through community governance to determine whether the ad is indeed fraudulent. If the voting result is "fraud", the Halo tokens staked by the advertiser will be deducted to compensate the affected users. If the voting result is "no fraud", the staked Halo tokens will be charged as promotion fees.

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