Nowadays, the Internet has become an essential infrastructure in our daily lives, with more than 5 billion people accessing it worldwide. Since we are born with social requirements, online social media has become a crucial part of our virtual lives, allowing us to make friends online easily and connect with people we may have never met in person.

However, this positive trend has been overshadowed by the monopolistic control of major industry players such as Meta (formerly Facebook), resulting in a loss of ownership over our accounts and data. Moreover, we are constantly bombarded with commercial exploitation, spam content, and information cocoons from these giants.

Only Web3 can fix these issues and we're glad to see progress being made in the right direction every day.

By leveraging blockchain technology, we can finally take control of our own assets, data and accounts. With innovative SocialFi projects such as Farcaster and Nostr, which are building the decentralized infrastructure to replace centralized platforms like X (formerly Twitter), we can post content freely and have ownership of both the account and content.

Still, there is more work to be done. We need an additional layer that connects all data and accounts, enabling fair monetization and restructuring of commercial profits. This will eliminate the exploitative practices of Web2 social giants and ensure a more equitable distribution of benefits for everyone.

We firmly believe that only a profitable business model possesses the ability to consistently attract new users to embrace Web3 and successfully complete the historic revolution of social monopolies. Looking ahead, with the mass adoption of AI, we might have the opportunity to create a new paradigm of UBI (Universal Basic Income) based on the Web3 social stack, in collaboration with all our remarkable partners.

This is the very mission of Halo. Let's unveil the transformative possibilities together.

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