1. Token Usage

Halo aims to build a permissionless, open, and collaborative social monetization layer. The Halo token is an important part of this infrastructure, as it has governance credentials, incentivizes user participation, and functions as the primary payment token in the Halo ecosystem.Here are the main features of Halo token:

  • Settlement for Halo Ecosystem

All Monetization scenarios covered above, including AD commercialization and AI corpora commercialization, require Halo tokens for revenue settlement. If some participants have maliciously harmed the Halo ecology, they will also be punished by deducting the pledged Halo token.

  • Payment for Social Activities

Social activities between users also require Halo tokens to be used as payments. Specific activities will expand as the platform grows, including but not limited to browsing paid content, tipping premium content, purchasing virtual goods within the platform, joining Influencer campaigns or benefit sharing programs.

  • Credentials for Community Governance

In addition to requiring a Membership Pass of Level 6, community governance also needs to stake Halo tokens to obtain voting rights. After we upgraded to node governance, the node needs to pledge a certain number of Halo tokens to obtain the governance rights.Other token usages will continue to be enriched with the development of Halo's ecosystem, and more details will be updated in the future.

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