AI Corpus

AI Corpus allows users to earn revenue through both data authorization and data labeling.

  • Data Authorization

Data authorization is completed through a combination of on-chain and off-chain. Users can trigger data authorization transactions in the Halo app. After authorization, the authorization status will be recorded in the smart contract, and the smart contract is responsible for determining the authorization status and calculating rewards. After authorization, the user can cancel the authorization at any time, which will also interrupt the rewards.

  • Data Labeling

Users can participate in data labeling in the Halo app. Users who participating in data labeling need to stake a certain amount of Halo tokens to prevent malicious behavior. The data will be grouped, labeled, and eventually provided to third-party companies for a fee. Groupings are continuously adjusted to quickly identify malicious behavior. Once malicious behavior such as mislabeling is discovered, the user's staked Halo tokens will be deducted and distributed to other affected users. The remuneration for data annotation will be distributed according to the workload of different users.

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