4. A Node-Driven Governance Upgrade

As the operating mechanism of the governance process gradually improves, Halo is poised to usher in a new era of community-powered governance with a Node-Driven Governance by 2025. This will be the next step for Halo to achieve a more decentralized governance system with a more efficient and robust production capacity.

The role of node will be filled by individuals and teams that have demonstrated professional capabilities during the first phase of the governance process. These nodes will play an important role in the operation of the governance process, the improvement of rules, and the distribution of rewards.

After the governance model is upgraded, a part of Halo token rewards will be distributed through governance nodes. Halo token stakers can delegate their voting rights to these nodes. In return, nodes have the discretion to share a portion of the received token rewards with the delegators.

Specific details and rules will be released by Q4 2024.

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