2. Monetization methods

In terms of endorsement value and advertising value, the monetization method is pretty clear: advertisers pay for promotion. Compared with Web2 giants, we’ll adhere to four fundamental principles.

  • Follow users' free will

Users always have the freedom to decide whether they want to monetize their social influence.

  • No privacy leakage

Your personal privacy will be encrypted and you have complete ownership of it.

  • Transparency

All the deals will be settled with Halo token and recorded on chain, providing open access to all.

  • Decentralized governance

We will maintain a lean team and foster a community-driven ecosystem to achieve our goals. Almost all the promotion methods in Web3 are address-based, leading to robots reaping the most benefits. However, Halo aims to pioneer a user-based ecosystem, and we believe that introducing real users to excellent projects will have a positive impact on the entire Web3 industry.

The monetization of data value via AI corpus is still in the early stage but has substantial growth potential in the long term.

The process of converting raw data into AI-usable data is not complex. The core data labeling service can be handled by most people. However, the current industry is plagued with the problem of data fragmentation and lacks unified production and processing standards. The ownership of data copyrights is also vague and lacks unified regulations, leading to a relative lack of high-quality corpus. Leading AI giants have recognized this issue, and ChatGPT, along with giants like Google, have begun to sign long-term cooperation agreements with The New York Times and Reddit.

Halo, as an innovative Web3 project, provides a solution to meet the demand for high-quality labeled data for AI and realizes the monetization of user data in this process. We have the ability to acquire both on-chain transactions and social content, and we have complete copyright and user recognition. By integrating the power of the community to complete the data labeling tasks, and through decentralized governance, the reasonable redistribution of business profits is achieved.

We don't believe that AI giants will compensate individuals for job losses out of a sense of morality. However, Halo finds a way to take back the initiative in the game through the market.

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