Technical Architecture

Halo's technical architecture wasn't entirely built from scratch. Adhering to the spirit of Web3, we fully cooperate with excellent projects in the industry, embed products into the entire ecology, and achieve win-win results with partners.

From Halo's perspective, our stack is divided into 3 layers: the first layer, data storage, is the foundation of social monetization. This layer already has a complete infrastructure, with major public chains storing transaction and asset information, and some social protocols storing social content posted by users. The combination of these two forms the technical basis for monetizing social value.

The second and third layers are the main product stacks that Halo needs to build. They respectively carry two core functions: social connection and monetization. The second layer is the focus of our current construction, because connection is the basis of social interaction. The third layer involves the actual monetization scenarios. At the same time, by leveraging ZK proof technology, Halo has the ability to build an open ecosystem that meets regulatory needs.

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