2. How to Get An Airdrop

Halo is a community-driven ecosystem, and community airdrops will account for the largest share of Halo Tokens. 30% of the total token issuance will be issued as a community incentive. 4-year timeline unlocked.

Before the node governance starts, community members' airdrop share will be determined by 2 indicator:

Halo Membership pass: The higher the level of Halo Membership pass you hold, the larger your share of the airdrop will be.

Halo XP: The more Halo XP you earn, the larger your share of the airdrop will be.

  • Halo Membership Pass

The Halo Membership pass is a crucial credential to measure the user's contribution to the Halo ecosystem. Membership level information, membership rights and interests are bound to the Membership pass.

The Halo Genesis Pass will soon be upgraded to Halo Membership Passes with different levels. After upgrading, Genesis Pass holders can redeem higher level Halo Membership Passes directly according to the rules. At the same time, the limit of 2,100 will also be lifted, and more users will have the opportunity to deeply participate in ecosystem construction.

Halo Membership Pass has a season-based promotion system. The top ranked users at the same level can be directly eligible for promotion.

  • Halo XP

Following the release of Halo Membership Pass, existing Halo XP will be upgraded to a community loyalty metric that measures users' activity and contribution to the Halo ecosystem.

The number of Halo XP will remain the same after the upgrade. XP can be earned by holding a Halo Membership Pass, completing daily missions, and participating in Halo campaigns.

As a measure of loyalty, Halo XP is tied to Halo Membership Pass, which does not support trading. The earlier you join the community, the better chance you have to earn more XP rewards.Specific rules for Halo Membership Pass and Halo XP will be announced in April 2024.

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